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Why Jan/Feb is the Best Time of Year to Treat Redness and Brown Spots

If you suffer from overall redness on your face, including broken veins, or brown spots, NOW is the time to treat them. The treatments and lasers we offer for these skin problems have a few days of mild downtime and require you to be out of the sun, which makes the winter months the best time to treat these skin conditions.

brown spots

The Medlite is a great laser for to treat melasma as well as to remove the harder to treat lighter brown spots. Most lasers don't tackle the lighter brown spots and the Medlite laser has a great track record treating those. The VBeam laser is great for treating to vascular lesions, rosasea and red spots.

For the month of January, we are offering 33% off ($200 instead of normal $300) either the VBeam or Medlite laser for the first 10 people that take advantage of this offer*. Call our office today at 703-790-8900 to book!

If you prefer to come in for a skin consultation, book your free skin consultation today. Have to see you to be able to see which laser is best for you. Each person's skin is unique and we use our years of experience and expertise to decide what treatment plan is best for your specific skin and your skin goals and needs.

*You have to book for the January 27th appointment.

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