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Topical Collagen Facials

Our topical collagen facials revitalize your skin using natural, non-abrasive ingredients that directly benefit your skin without drying it out or irritating sensitive conditions. 
Find out how our topical collagen facials can improve the look and feel of your skin without post-treatment side effects or downtime.
What is a topical collagen facial? 


An essential building block of the skin, collagen is vital to the smoothness and tightness of your skin. During the natural aging process, collagen production decreases, resulting in visible signs of aging. 


At Remedies, we understand that creating optimal results for our patients may not be achieved with just one type of skin treatment. Many of our skin therapies combine multiple approaches to help maximize your results, including our topical collagen facial. This is an intensive European treatment experience that can be customized and can treat multiple skin concerns at once. It consists of multiple steps:


  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating are applied to the skin to remove surface impurities, clear out pores, and remove dead skin and other cellular debris.


  • A relaxing facial massage then follows, promoting relaxation within the skin.


  • Targeted serums are then infused into the skin to address specific skin issues


  • Six collagen veils, facial masks derived from collagen fibers, are applied one at a time to help combat visible signs of aging and help the skin retain moisture


  • A customized application of our award-winning cosmeceutical serums and emulsions completes the treatment.


In cases where deeper penetration below the skin surface are needed, this treatment can also be paired with cold laser therapy. This treatment option can be discussed with our medical team during your consultation.



What are the benefits of a topical collagen facial?


  • Targeted treatment that can address your specific skincare issues


  • Real results that utilize your skin’s natural healing process for subtle improvements that maintain that revitalize your natural appearance


  • Comfortable treatment sessions that will leave your skin feeling open and refreshed, never dry or uncomfortable


  • No post-treatment discomfort or side effects, with an immediate return to normal activities


With regular treatment, a good skincare regimen, and proper protection from the sun, your smoother, softer skin can last for the long term. Our medical team will help you determine if this treatment is right for you and create a customized plan to achieve your cosmetic goals.


Contact Remedies Skin and Laser today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how our topical collagen facials can help treat multiple skin concerns with one comprehensive treatment.





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