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Stem Cell Rejuventation

For patients seeking a more natural approach to revitalizing their skin and eliminating visible signs of aging and dull skin tone, we offer a soothing stem cell rejuvenation facial.
Find out how our stem cell rejuvenation facials can provide direct benefits to your skin without harsh exfoliants or damaging chemicals.

What is stem cell rejuvenation?


This 40-minute treatment provides a pleasant experience that leaves our patients feeling revitalized and refreshed. This gentle skin rejuvenation treatment can help smooth and restore a youthful glow to your skin surface and consists of multiple steps:


  • Light exfoliation of the skin using grape seed or apple seed stem cells


  • Infusion of the stem cells into the skin to smooth and hydrate your skin


  • Customized application of our award-winning cosmeceutical serums and emulsions complete the treatment


In instances where deeper penetration below the skin surface is needed, cold laser therapy can also be added to further optimize results. These treatment options can be discussed with our medical team during your consultation. Once these beneficial stem cells are infused into your skin, they can aid in the regeneration and healing of the skin from the inside out, creating subtle improvements over time.


What are the benefits of stem cell rejuvenation facials?  
  • Personalized treatment nuances to specifically address your skincare needs


  • Natural ingredients that will not exacerbate sensitive skin conditions or dry out your skin.


  • Grape seed and apple seed stem cells have proven anti-aging benefits and can also help protect the skin from ultraviolet light


  • These treatments are easy to fit into any schedule


  • Patients can return to normal activities immediately with no post-treatment redness or side effects


  • Results are both immediate and continuous


Why choose Remedies Skin and Laser for your stem cell rejuvenation treatment? 


At Remedies, our medical team has advanced training and expertise in several therapies, ensuring results that you can trust. We have successfully treated a wide range of skin conditions and will tailor your treatment to your specific needs. Through maintaining a good skincare regimen, taking proper precautions in the sun, and receiving regular treatment at our office, your visible signs of aging and skin imperfections can be managed for the long term.



Contact Remedies Skin and Laser today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how our stem cell rejuvenation treatments can soothe and gently exfoliate your skin using natural ingredients.   

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