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How to Stop an Aging Neck

We all come to that age, and we usually don’t even notice it until we see the picture, when our neck has fallen. At that moment, we try every cream known to man to try to reverse the signs of chicken neck that won't go away, and are getting worse by the day.

It Takes a Village

While there is no one magic fairy wand for anti aging, tightening and lifting, there is a comprehensive And that village starts with good skin care. Once you have a routine of regular facials and great

cosmeceutical products, it's time to look into the lasers that can do the job.

The Best Laser for Lifting and Skin Tightening

Infini Results - Before and After

My favorite laser for lifting and tightening is the Infini. I’ve researched and done a lot of the lasers for the neck and this one has proved to be one of my most important tools in my arsenal for helping my clients reverse the signs of an aging neck.

In my 35 years of experience in skin care, I have not seen anything that delivers as big of an impact on the neck for tightening, lifting and getting the deep wrinkles and crinkling out. You can do this procedure any time of the year. It has one day of redness involved and three to five days of dry, rough skin that are easily masked with moisturizers an tinted sun screen.


Infini Results - Before and After

I’ve always been disappointed by how a neck lift looks surgically and the immense cost and downtime.

And they never quite look right. This procedure combined later with the Clearlift and N-Lite lasers are an amazing alternative to surgery. I have 70 year old clients that swear by these lasers and would never consider surgery because they have these other options.

We are always happy to give you a free skin consultation and work with you to come up with a skin care plan that best suits your needs. Call us or schedule a free consultation, we are here to help!

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