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Say Goodbye to Excess Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Although excess body hair was once an advantage to our ancestors, technology has given us alternative and more effective ways to stay warm. This excess hair has become something of an unsightly antiquity. The worst part is that ridding yourself of unwanted body hair can be incredibly difficult and tedious. Shaving is dangerous, chemical hair removal can damage your skin and waxing shares both of the negative effects of shaving and chemical hair removal.

The good news is that it is possible to safely and effectively combat unwanted hair without risking damage to your skin. Laser hair removal is a convenient and safe way to make unwanted hair disappear from your body.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal introduces high-energy light beams to hair follicles. These beams harmlessly bounce off the skin while transforming into heat when they reach cells of the right color. When the light transforms into heat, it affects the hair follicles below the skin. This causes the remaining portion of the follicle to become brittle, which in turn causes it to thin and break. The hair becomes significantly less visible, which in turn results in laser hair removal.

The alteration to the follicle tends to be relatively lasting in terms of duration. It can last upwards of six months, which means that laser hair removal can remove a significant portion of undesirable body hair without the need for constant treatments, like waxing or shaving requires.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Advantageous?

There is a long list of benefits associated with laser removal. From convenience to the duration of hair removal, these results tend to benefit the patient in ways that other methods of hair control cannot. The benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Convenient treatment – Laser hair removal does not require any healing.

  • Predictable results – Laser hair removal is a relatively precise science. Our experienced professionals can estimate the number of treatments required to remove hair in a particular area of the body, which in turn allows them to select the most appropriate method of laser hair removal.

  • Protection from infection – Laser hair removal does not damage the skin when it is used properly. This means that the risk of infection is minimal when compared to methods like shaving or waxing. This makes the treatment especially safe for at-risk patients, which includes individuals with compromised immune systems.

  • Thinning hair – Removal is not the only thing that this treatment can do. Even if laser hair removal does not successfully cause hair to be removed, it tends to thin the hair so that it becomes significantly less visible. Repeated treatments will then typically remove this hair.

If you want to experience the outstanding results that laser hair removal can bring, or you simply want to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, then set up a consultation at Remedies Skin and Laser in McLean.

We can use our knowledge and experience to assess your unwanted body hair, and to determine the best method of freeing you from the burden of excess hair. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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