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Oxygen Treatments

The benefits of pure oxygen are becoming popular in facial treatments worldwide, and at Remedies Skin and Laser, our oxygen treatments are specially formulated to work beneath the skin to help restore your natural skin health and beauty from the inside out without any harsh side effects or downtime. 
Find out how our oxygen treatments can revitalize your appearance using skin-friendly ingredients.
What is oxygen treatment?


Just as you need oxygen to survive, your skin also depends on oxygen for nourishment. At Remedies, we know what your skin needs in order to look its best, and our oxygen treatments consist of several steps in order to create maximum results:


  • All of our skin therapies begin with cleansing and exfoliating in order to open up your skin and increase its ability to absorb products. Clean skin that is free of surface impurities, cellular debris, and other surface residue responds the best to the benefits of our comprehensive treatments.


  • Our oxygen facial is applied, which is a specially designed formulation that does not deliver the oxygen until it penetrates beneath the epidermis. This approach yields more benefits to the skin than oxygen that is delivered on the surface.


  • Your treatment is completed with our award-winning serums and emulsions that are customized to your specific treatment and can help further nourish, protect, and enable cellular healing in your skin.


Many of our facial treatments can be combined with cold laser therapy for deep skin penetration. These treatment options can be discussed with you during your consultation.


What can oxygen treatments address?


Once released into a specific depth of the epidermis, this encapsulated oxygen treatment can address multiple skin concerns, such as:


  • Acne, as acne-related and other bacteria cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen


  • Menopausal and peri-menopausal skin that may be lacking in freshness and brightness


With regular treatment, taking proper precautions in the sun, and maintaining a good skincare regimen, your luminous skin can be long-lasting. These gentle treatments are safe for the full range of skin types, allowing you to immediately return to normal activities without any post-treatment side effects.


Contact Remedies Skin and Laser today to schedule a consultation with our medical team and find out how our oxygen treatments can improve the look and feel of your skin from the inside out using a specially designed formulation that works beneath the skin for maximum results.   

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