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Aura Laser

For targeting sun damage, small red veins, and excessive facial redness, we utilize the Aura laser.
Find out how the Aura laser can restore the natural beauty and health of your skin. 
What is the Aura Laser?


Developed by KTP, the Aura laser can treat:


  • Broken capillaries


  • Rosacea


  • Pigmented lesions


  • Facial flushing


  • Photo damage

This advanced therapy has the ability to selectively target and heat vascular and pigmented imperfections as well as promote healing within the skin without extensive downtime. 


The Aura works by specifically targeting the melanin in discolored areas and the hemoglobin of vascular imperfections, effectively clearing these from the skin without injuring or damaging surrounding skin and tissues. The laser energy also converts to heat underneath the skin, stimulating the production of new collagen to continuously improve the skin over time.



Who is a Good Candidate for the Aura Laser?


The Aura laser can be a safe and effective treatment for both men and women who are experiencing excessive facial flushing, redness, or other skin imperfections. During your consultation, our medical team will assess your individual condition, health, medical history, and other factors to help you determine if this is the best course of treatment for you.



Is the Aura Laser Safe?


At Remedies, Lori Terwilliger is certified in this and several other technologies, ensuring maximum safety and predictable results for our patients. Our Aura laser treatments are professionally administered with minimal side effects such as slight redness and discomfort, which typically subside within a few days.


After treatment, it is important to use proper precautions in the sun in order to reduce the risk of pigmentation irregularities. Our medical team will discuss any further aftercare instructions to add longevity to your results and keep your skin radiant and healthy. Results may vary, and it may take multiple treatment sessions to achieve your cosmetic goals. We will create a personalized treatment plan for you to determine how many sessions you may need.




Contact Remedies Skin and Laser today to schedule a consultation and find out how the Aura laser can help clear and revitalize your skin from the inside out using the skin’s natural healing process.




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